The early cistophoric coinage


The early cistophoric coinage (Numismatic Studies (Ansns))

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Author  Fred Kleiner
Publisher  American Numismatic Society
Publication Date   April 1, 1977
ISBN  0897220676
Pages  129

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Covers cistophoric issues of Pergamum, Ephesus, Tralles, Sardes-Synnada, Apameia, Laodiceia, KOP, and Aristonicus. The standard reference for this series. Excellent plates!!! With The Early Cistophoric Coinage, Fred S. Kleiner completes nearly twenty years of work by Sydney P. Noe. The material, up to 1962, was collected by Noe and the rest has been supplemented by material that was inaccessible to him at the time, with the arrangement and text composed by Fred S. Kleiner. The book provides a brief history of the study of cistophoric coin, a catalogue of the coins, brief descriptions of the hoards, several tables and thirty-eight pages of black and white plates. This is THE reference work on this series of Greek coins. People have long been fascinated by the "snake in the basket" coinage - this is the die study of all the known examples up to the date of publication. The book contains a comprehensive Bibliography. An in-depth discussion of the coinage, its origin, use and the spirited discussion between early numismatists regarding whether this was festival coinage or actually trade coinage is presented. The real value of this book is the die study. This book allows a collector to confirm authenticity of coins found in the marketplace.

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