The Lost Crops of the Incas


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Author  Research Coun National Research Council
Publisher  Books for Business
Publication Date   April 19, 2005
ISBN  0894991973
Pages  436

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In an age when society often believes "newer" is better, what happens when something "new" on the market is actually almost five centuries old? That is exactly the case with dozens of tasty, fascinating fruits, vegetables, and tubers that were once grown by the Incas at a time when their empire extended throughout the Andes in South America and that have now been "found" by researchers. This fascinating, readable volume is filled with enticing, detailed information about more than thirty different Incan crops that promise to become important contributors to the world's food supply. The New York Times Book Review calls Lost Crops of the Incas a book that will "... inspire those with an interest in agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit to experiment with these obscure plants of the Inca Empire."

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