The Origin of the Egyptians


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Author  Augustus Le Plongeon
Publisher  Philosophical Research Society
Publication Date   October 17, 1983
ISBN  0893144185
Pages  170

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By Augustus Le Plongeon, M.D.

Introductory Preface by Manly P. Hall

The premise for this book is best summarized in the words of its author, who writes: "Plutarch, in his Life of Solon, informs us that Psenophis and Sonchis-one a priest of Heliopolis, and the other of Sais-told the Athenian legislator that 9,000 years before his visit to Egypt, on account of the submergence of the Island of Atlantis (Land of Mu of the Mayas) all communications had been interrupted with the Western countries. If the Egyptians learned the art of writing from the Mayas, as no doubt they did, it must have been in times anterior to the cataclysm. In this we would find the explanation of why identical characters are being found on the most ancient monuments of Egypt and those of Mayach, having the same meaning and containing the relation of the same cosmogonical traditions." Illustrated.

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