The Bible Comes Alive


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Author  Clifford Wilson
Publisher  New Leaf Pr
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  0892214864
Pages  160

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For decades, a battle between science and Bible-believing Christians has raged. Prominent scientists have ridiculed Scripture. But now, through the spade and brush, the science of archaeology is causing an about-face, and through these discoveries the Bible becomes three-dimensional, living, in color!

Dr. Clifford Wilson has for many years, carefully documenting and studying the thousands of archaeological discoveries of the Middle East that declare the Bible to be true. Among those discoveries: Above-ground grain storage pits have been dated to King Solomon?s reign, a remarkable proof of the Bible?s revelation that Israel lived in peace during this time. In turbulent times, grain pits were hidden underground. The account in 2 Chronicles, detailing the invasion of Jerusalem by Pharaoh Shishak?s armies is corroborated in the discovery of Egyptian inscriptions boasting of the attack. Assyrian conquest inscription ? recording both conquests of rival kingdoms and horrible atrocities committed by the victors ? are identical to biblical accounts. Ezekiel?s prophecies concerning Tyre were fulfilled to the letter. The great prophet had declared that god would utterly destroy the city, and archaeological evidence point to this having been done by Alexander the Great ? over 240 years after the prophecy!

These and many other thrilling discoveries will encourage and excite families, building their faith in a unique way. For the first time, photographs of these archeological sites and accompanying commentary have been compiled for the series. The Bible Comes Alive . A must for every home library.

Paperback 160 pages 8-1/2 x 11 Over 200 Photographs

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