Sources for the Study of Greek Religion

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Author  John E. Stambaugh
Publisher  Society of Biblical Literature
Publication Date   October 21, 1979
ISBN  0891303472
Pages  292

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The Society of Biblical Literature is pleased to present a corrected edition in a new, attractive format with hopes that it will inspire a new generation of classicists and religious historians. This volume includes primary texts and documents in translation, illustrating the range of Greek religious beliefs and practices from Homer to Alexander the Great with the addition of relevant post-classical material. The sources are arranged in chapters devoted to the Olympian gods, heroes, public religion (including rural cults), private religion, mystery cults, and death and afterlife. Introductory notes place the selections in their context in Greek history and provide basic bibliography. The volume includes a glossary of technical terms, a general index, and an index of ancient sources cited. Beyond the correction of minor errors and use of footnotes rather than endnotes, the reader will find that the present volume remains true to the original.

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