A Day's Work (Book published July 1, 2000)


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Author  W H. Bunting
Publisher  Tilbury House Publishers
Publication Date   July 1, 2000
ISBN  0884482065
Pages  384

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These extraordinary collections of photographs and narrative captions have wide appeal for anyone interested in Maine's past.

Bunting has a knack for spotting the unusual in a photograph, or some minor detail that, in fact, tells a major story about the how and why. From granite quarry operations to an itinerant cobbler in a sailing scow to hootchie-kootchie dancers at the state fair to deepwater ships, his page-long captions place these images in social and economic context--but this is not dry history. His research has uncovered a wealth of fascinating, often quirky detail (did you know that mummy wrappings were imported from Egypt for Maine papermaking?), and he makes frequent forays into the Maine storytelling tradition. B&W photographs

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