Sennacherib, King of Assyria (Book published September 28, 2018


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Author  Josette Elayi
Publisher  SBL Press
Publication Date   September 28, 2018
ISBN  0884143171
Pages  236

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A critical resource for students and scholars of the ancient Near East and the Bible

Josette Elayi's Sennacherib, King of Assyria is the only biography of Sargon II's famous son. Elayi traces the reign of Sennacherib in context in order to illuminate more fully the life and contributions of this warlord, builder, innovator, and social reformer a unique figure among the Assyrian kings. Elayi offers both an evaluation of this royal figure and an assessment of the Assyrian Empire by interpreting the historical information surrounding the decisive events of his reign.


  • Exploration of why Sennacherib did not seize Jerusalem or remove Hezekiah from the throne
  • An extensive investigation of annals, royal inscriptions, letters, palace reliefs, clay tablets, and excavation reports
  • Maps and tables

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