Magic, Science and Religion and Other...


Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays

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Author  Bronislaw Malinowski
Publisher  Waveland Pr Inc
Publication Date   March 1, 1992
ISBN  0881336572
Pages  274

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Three famous Malinowski essays! Malinowski, one of the all-time great anthropologists of the world, had a talent for bringing together in single comprehension the warm reality of human living with the cool abstractions of science. His pages have become an almost indispensable link between the knowing of exotic and remote people with theoretical knowledge about humankind. An important collection of three of his most famous essays, Magic, Science and Religion offers readers a set of concepts about religion, magic, science, rite and myth in the course of forming vivid impressions and understandings of the Trobrianders of New Guinea.

Also by Malinowski and available from Waveland Press: Argonauts of the Western Pacific: An Account of Native Enterprise and Adventure in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea, Enhanced Edition (ISBN: 9781478602095). Titles of related interest from Waveland Press: Angrosino, The Culture of the Sacred: Exploring the Anthropology of Religion (ISBN 9781577662938) and Malefijt, Religion and Culture: An Introduction to Anthropology of Religion (ISBN 9780881334838).

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