Greeks and Romans in the Modern World


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Author  Roger-Paul Droit
Publisher  Columbia University Press
Publication Date   December 15, 1998
ISBN  0880339756
Pages  300

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This book discusses the debt we, in the modern world, owe to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Various terms, notions, images, and so on, originated in the ancient world. Contents: Introduction (Roger Droit) ; Could the Romans Answer the Questions We Put to the Greeks? (Jacques Brunschwig) ; Consensus and Values: What is a Eulogy? (Barbara Cassin) ; Greek Political Imagery and the Modern One (Cornelius Castoriadis) ; Suspended Belief (Michel Deguy) ; Political Gods (Marcel Detienne) ; The Concept of Liberty in Antiquity and Modern Times (Fran├žois Hartog) ; When a Roman Citizen from Africa Wrote: Our Hebrew Ancestors (Christiane Ingremeau) ; Rome in the Late Empire and the Modern Trend

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