The Athenian Agora (Book published October 17, 2019)


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Author  John McK. Camp II
Publisher  The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Date   October 17, 2019
ISBN  0876616570
Pages  192

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This definitive guide to the archaeological remains in the civic and commercial center of ancient Athens is an essential companion to the interested visitor, as well as to students of the topography of the classical city. A large-scale map provides an overview of the site, keyed to descriptions and plans of every monument still visible from the majestic Temple of Hephaistos to the utilitarian Great Drain. The fifth edition retains many of the elements that made the earlier editions so popular, but also takes full account of new discoveries and recent scholarship. It is intended for visitors touring the site, and is arranged topographically, monument by monument. Also included are an overview of the historical development of the site and a history of the excavations. A companion guide to the Agora Museum in the Stoa of Attalos is also available (The Athenian Agora: Museum Guide, by Laura Gawlinski, 2014).

Table of Contents

History and Timeline
History of the Agora
History of the Excavations
Tour of the Site
List of Publications
Plan of the Archaeological Site

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