Debris from a Public Dining Place in the Athenian...


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Author  Susan I. Rotroff
Publisher  American School of Classical Studies
Publication Date   November 21, 1992
ISBN  0876615256
Pages  170

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In 1972 a large deposit of pottery and other finds from the mid-5th century B.C. were found in a pit just west of the Royal Stoa in the Athenian Agora. It contained many fragments of figured pottery, more than half of which were large drinking vessels. 21 fragments were inscribed with a graffito known to be a mark of public ownership. The authors conclude that the pottery is refuse from one of the public dining facilities that served the magistrates of Classical Athens. The volume examines the archaeological context and chronology of the deposit and gives a detailed analysis of all the finds. A complete catalogue arranges the finds by type and in chronological order.

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