The Early Iron Age

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Author  John K. Papadopoulos
Publisher  American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Date   January 23, 2018
ISBN  0876612362
Pages  1120

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This volume, the first of two dealing with the Early Iron Age deposits from the Athenian Agora, publishes the tombs from the end of the Bronze Age through the transition from the Middle Geometric to Late Geometric period. An introduction deals with the layout of the four cemeteries of the period, the topographical ramifications, periodization, and a synthesis of Athens in the Early Iron Age. Individual chapters offer a complete catalogue of the tombs and their contents, a full analysis of the burial customs and funerary rites, and analyses of the pottery and other small finds. Maria A. Liston presents the human skeletal material, Deborah Ruscillo presents the faunal remains, and Sara Strack contributes to the pottery typology and catalogue. In an appendix, Eirini Dimitriadou provides an overview of the locations of burial activity in the wider city.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Four Cemeteries: A Catalogue of Tombs and Their Contents
Chapter 3: Human Skeletons from the Athenian Agora Early Iron Age Cemeteries
Chapter 4: Faunal Remains from Early Iron Age Tombs in the Athenian Agora
Chapter 5: Burial Customs and Funerary Rites
Chapter 6: The Early Iron Age Pottery
Chapter 7: The Small Finds Other than Pottery
Chapter 8: Epilogue: Social and Historical Conclusions

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