Late Classical Pottery from Ancient Corinth...

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Author  Ian McPhee
Publisher  American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Date   October 24, 2012
ISBN  0876610769
Pages  400

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In 1971 in the southwestern area of the Roman Forum of Corinth a round-bottomed drainage channel was discovered filled with the largest deposit of pottery of the 4th century ever found in the city, some coins, terracotta figurines, and metal and stone objects. This volume publishes the pottery and metal and stone objects, and includes a re-examination of the coins by Orestes Zervos. Some of the cooking ware has been subjected to neutron activation analysis, and a statistical analysis of all recovered pottery has been completed. The contents of Drain 1971-1 are important for the function of the Classical buildings in this part of Corinth, especially Buildings I and II, and for the chronology of the renovation program that included the construction of the South Stoa, which was probably not built before the last decade of the 4th century.

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