Monuments in the Lower Agora and North of...

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Author  Robert L. Scranton
Publisher  American School of Classical Studies
Publication Date   November 21, 1951
ISBN  0876610130
Pages  216

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Part 3 of Corinth I continues the publication of the architectural remains in the general area of the Agora. The volume includes monuments which limit the Agora at the west, those which run through the center of the Agora separating the Lower from the Upper Agora, those immediately above Peirene facing onto the Agora, Roman monuments in the Lower Agora area, and finally the buildings on the north slope of the hill on which stands the Archaic Temple. Since the area of the Lower Agora had not yet been dug to the Greek level, this volume is concerned with the buildings and topography of the Roman period: temples on the West Terrace; shops, circular monument, Dionysion, and Bema on the central terrace; and isolated monuments in the open Agora. Both the Greek Painted Building and the North Stoa and the Roman Market north of the Archaic Temple are treated.

This volume with the parts already published completes the architectural and topographical study of the Lower Agora and its periphery in Roman times, except for the Julian Basilica at the east end, and adds a significant chapter to the study of civic architecture and planning in Greece in the Roman period.

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