Li Shi Min, Founding theTang Dynasty


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Author  Hing Ming Hung
Publisher  Algora Publishing
Publication Date   May 1, 2013
ISBN  0875869785
Pages  220

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Li Shi Min was a man of great political and military accomplishments, narrated here with the battle stratagems and clever counsel that carried him forward. This book tells how he helped his father Li Yuan to establish the Tang Dynasty and the contributions he made to unifying China. Author Hung Hing Ming draws on China’s historical records and chronicles to recount the battles to conquer the warlords and local strongmen in different parts of China, the wise policies he adopted, and the means by which he inspired officials to put forward good suggestions. His deeds, policies and constructive interactions with his ministers and generals were compiled into guides and teaching materials for successors to the Chinese throne. Much of this leadership training advice is still useful today. This book will be an asset to readers as there are few works in English that introduce these cultural motifs that color the thinking of nation so important to ours.

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