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Author  Emmet Sweeney
Publisher  Algora Publishing
Publication Date   August 1, 2010
ISBN  0875867715
Pages  188

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Historian Emmet Sweeney persuasively intertwines history and literary references with hard science - from archaeology and anthropology to genetics and geology - to prove the existence of an ancient trans-Atlantic link between the Old World and the New. Sweeney examines: * The geological certainty of a sunken island in the Azores; * The Human Genome Project's startling revelation that 3% of Native American DNA is characteristic of people of south-west Europe and the Atlas Mountains - whose inhabitants, as late as Roman times, called themselves 'Atlanteans'; * Archaeological and cultural proof of a relationship between the Stone Age and Early Bronze Age civilizations of North America and South-West Europe; * The occurrence of cocaine and tobacco, two American narcotics, in many Egyptian mummies. Piece by piece, Sweeney constructs a compelling case for not just the probability, but the necessity, of an Atlantic stepping-stone, the missing link that transmitted both the culture and biology of Europe to America, millennia before Columbus! Atlantis: The Evidence of Science argues, as never before, that Atlantis should rise to take its place in history, not myth.

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