Synchronized Chronology


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Author  Roger Henry
Publisher  Algora Publishing
Publication Date   December 3, 2003
ISBN  0875861911
Pages  268

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Imagine how distorted our understanding of ancient history would be if the chronological framework around which it was built had several extra centuries added. What if the backbone of Egyptian dynasties contained duplicates? The Synchronized Chronology resolves the structural problems of Egyptian chronology and then outlines the correct history of the Middle East and Mediterranean time of Abraham and his wandering into the Empire of Alexander the Great. Recognizing some overlapping of dates and names in Manetho's List of Kings, frees history to place pharaohs and dynasties where archaeology supports their existence. This resolves a myriad of discrepancies and unlikely assumptions that historians have been forced to swallow, and neatly opens the way to synchronizing Egyptian dynasties with Biblical chronology.

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