Wild Place (Book published June 17, 2015)


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Author  Kris Runberg Smith
Publisher  Washington State Univ Pr
Publication Date   June 17, 2015
ISBN  9780874223293
Pages  227

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Beginning in the 1890s, adventurous souls--homesteaders, prospectors, speculators, and loggers dazzled by abundant natural resources--tried their best to tame Idaho's Priest Lake. Grand turn-of-the-century Western expansion bypassed the area, sparing its idyllic beauty.

Despite enduring tension regarding public and private land interests, industrial and recreational use increased. Devastating wildfires initiated profound change, population growth accelerated, and electricity became commonplace. In 1947 a local newspaper crowed, “Priest Lake has become a cult with many vacationists,” devotion that continues today.Wild Place features little-known yet captivating stories that convey the region's demanding physical, political, and economic challenges.

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