The Mildenhall Treasure

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Author  Richard Hobbs
Publisher  British Museum Press
Publication Date   December 16, 2016
ISBN  086159200X
Pages  297

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Discovered in Suffolk in 1942, the Mildenhall Treasure is one of the most important collections of Late Roman silver tableware from the Roman Empire. The objects were found during plowing near Mildenhall in Suffolk, eastern England, in January 1942 or '43 and were declared Treasure Trove in 1946. Although no coins were found to give a reliable date, the tableware's style and decoration is typical of the fourth century AD. The artistic and technical quality of the silver objects is outstanding, and though we do not know who owned them, it was probably a person or family of considerable wealth and high social status.

• Features some of the finest pieces of Roman craftsmanship known from throughout the Roman Empire
• Offers new perspectives on the Treasure and its significance within the wider Roman world
• Essential reading for archaeologists, historians and those with an interest in Roman Britain

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