Pilgrim's Castle

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Author  C. N. Johns
Publisher  Variorum
Publication Date   December 1, 1997
ISBN  0860786277
Pages  430

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This volume presents publications from three separate investigations conducted by the author between 1929 and 1948: firstly, a report of the Saracen castle of 'Ajlun in Jordan; secondly, a guide to the great Templar fortress of 'Atlit, known as Pilgrim's Castle, which remains the definitive account and is presented with the contemporaneous excavation reports; thirdly, a detailed report of the Citadel of Jerusalem. A final postcript is on "The Attempt to Colonize Palestine in the 12th and 13th Centuries". C.N. Johns was employed from 1930-1948 as Field Archaeologist, and later as deputy director of the Department of Antiquities of the Palestine Mandate; on its termination, he became principle investigator in the Royal Commission of Ancient Monuments in Wales until 1969.

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