Agricultural changes at Euphrates and steppe...


Agricultural changes at Euphrates and steppe sites in the mid-8th to the 6th millennium B.C

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Author  Dominique de Moulins
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 31, 1997
ISBN  0860549224
Pages  191

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This study investigates questions about the nature and extent of early agriculture, by examining plant remains recovered from several sites. Chapters look at evidence, or lack of evidence for intensification of food gathering, reconstruction of the past environment of the study region, and the archaeobotanical data from the three main sites investigated: Cafer Höyuek in southeast Turkey, Abu Hureya in noethern Syria, both on the Euphrates, and a steppe site in the El Kowm basin in Syria. Moulin concludes that the data can only offer tentative evidence for intensification of agricultural activity, but regional differences were clearly visible.

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