Le Bronze Ancien dans les Cyclades et en Crete...

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Author  Efi Karantzali
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   June 1, 1996
ISBN  0860548139
Pages  277

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By studying various aspects of the material culture found in Crete, the Cycladic islands and mainland Greece during the early Bronze Age, Karantzali hopes to produce a tighter typological chronology than has previously been established. He believes that by placing developments in parallel and tying up the timescale of changes, a tighter sequence can be obtained and thus a more useful framework for the dating of artefacts of unknown provenance or insecure contexts can be set in place. After cataloguing the sites of Crete and the Cyclades, he proceeds to lay down chronologies for the deramic, matallic and sculptural products of the regions. Comments are offered on theoretical culture models, and all this information is finally amalgamated to establish a model for the direction of influence and indications of exchange (ideas and items) between the coexisting cultures.

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