Burial Practices in Roman Britain

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Author  Robert Philpott
Publisher  British Archaeological Reports
Publication Date   December 31, 1991
ISBN  0860547256
Pages  472

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Subtitled `a survey of grave treatment and furnishing, AD 43-410' this 1990 Birmingham thesis is a study of the layout and the contents of all cremation and inhumation graves. This means that it is firstly an enormous compilation of data, which is presented in catalogue form and in numerous distribution maps. There is also extensive discussion of all types of grave and grave find: cremations in glass or pottery vessels, or amphorae; inhumations in stone cists; prone burials; decapitated burials; burials in boots; burials with jewellery, with weapons ... to name but a few. All extremely useful summaries, with not a few perceptive comments. No one writing on burials in the future will ignore this volume.

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