Performing Greek Drama in Oxford and on Tour...

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Author  Amanda Wrigley
Publisher  Liverpool University Press
Publication Date   April 15, 2011
ISBN  085989844X
Pages  320

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Performing Greek Drama in Oxford is an absorbing celebration of the performance and reception of Greek drama in Oxford. Amanda Wrigley traces enduring connections between antiquity and dramatic performance in modern Oxford, and discusses the landmark events from the 16th century to the 1970s.This performance history of classical texts, especially those by the Greek dramatists, illuminates contemporary responses to debates on such matters as the position of women students, the dangers perceived to be associated with undergraduate acting, and the position of classics within the curriculum at the University of Oxford. The book consistently engages with the history of theatrical performance of ancient plays beyond Oxford, for example, John Masefield's Boars Hill Players, Penelope Wheeler's Greek plays at the Front, and the link with the London stage through companies touring to Oxford, such as that led by Sybil Thorndike. Many of these engagements with Greek drama were facilitated by the connection with the classical scholar Gilbert Murray, who plays a central part in the history.

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