Encyclopedia of Eastern Mythology (Book published August 7, 2018


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Author  Rachel Storm
Publisher  Southwater
Publication Date   August 7, 2018
ISBN  0857235656
Pages  256

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This is an authoritative A to Z guide to the mythologies and legends of the East, from ancient Egypt to Japan. It features over 500 alphabetical entries that describe the central mythical figures of each culture and their importance to the ancient civilizations of the day. Superb pictorial spreads illustrate the themes and symbols at the heart of each culture, from the pyramids and ziggurats of Egypt and Babylon, to the sacred rivers of India, and the Seven Gods of Fortune of Japan. Over 500 pictures of sacred people and holy places accompany the text by an expert on Asian myths. This is a unique and indispensable reference to the exciting tales and legends of the East. In this magnificent reference book, the powerful and evocative mythologies of the East are revealed in all their glory. An instantly accessible A to Z structure, fully cross-referenced throughout, details the pantheon of gods of the East. The book splendidly recreates the rise of many cultures. Travel through exotic realms of high adventure, thrill at the exploits of warrior-gods, and become immersed in legend and folklore that bring to life ancient stories that influence society in much of Asia today. The book is divided into three sections: The Myths of Egypt and West Asia; The Myths of South and Central Asia; and The Myths of East Asia. This is an exhaustive and fascinating guide to the mythology of the gods and goddesses, heroes, sacred animals and places of the East. Bringing together the legends of many incredibly diverse cultures, in a highly readable and accessible style, it is the classic reference on the subject.

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