Kom Rabi'a Middle Kingdom Pottery

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Author  Janine D. Bourriau
Publisher  Egypt Exploration Society
Publication Date   September 30, 2015
ISBN  0856982202
Pages  150

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This volume is a study of ceramic changes in the stratified settlement at Kom Rabia, Memphis, during the Late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period. The pottery is presented by sectors, following the archaeological narrative of Giddy's report (The Survey of Memphis VI), and quantitative analysis of a random sample taken from 73% of all contexts is used to plot ceramic changes through time. The fine points of this development are discussed in the commentary for each corpus, while Appendices 1 and 2 show the distribution of types within the sequence and of pottery within single contexts. Within the Egyptian pottery assemblage there were classes that required discussion of all occurrences and these are presented in two separate chapters: vessels with marks incised before and after firing (Chapter 12, Carla Gallorini) and large handmade oval plates with incised decoration ('fish dishes') (Chapter 13, Bettina Bader). Three further chapters discuss the non-Egyptian pottery: Nubian Pottery (Chapter 14, Janine Bourriau and Serena Giuliani); Aegean and Cypriote Fine Wares (Chapter 15, Kathryn Eriksson) and Middle Bronze Age Canaanite Jars (Chapter 16, Mary Ownby).

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