The Teti Cemetery at Saqqara 5

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Author  N. Kanawati
Publisher  Australian Centre for Egyptology
Publication Date   December 31, 2000
ISBN  0856688142
Pages  100

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The tomb of Hesi was discovered in the early 1980s but remained unpublished. Although formed of a portico and one-roomed chapel, the walls are full of scenes and inscriptions executed in high quality relief on a small scale to allow for the inclusion of a variety of themes on rather limited wall space. Included in the traditional subjects depicted in the tomb are some unusual motifs. Similarly, the inscriptions, including Hesi's biography contain some unconventional expressions. The name and figures of Hesi have been deliberately chiselled out from the tomb decoration, as happened to many tomb owners who lived in the turbulent period at the end of Teti's reign to the beginning of that of Pepy I. This report includes a complete reccord of architectural features and the scenes and inscriptions in photos and drawings.

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