Akhmim in the Old Kingdom, Part 1

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Author  N. Kanawati
Publisher  Australian Centre for Egyptology
Publication Date   January 1, 1992
ISBN  0856686034
Pages  325

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The project of surveying, excavating, recording and preserving the site of El-Hawawish, the cemetery of Akhmim, capital of the ninth province of Upper Egypt, was completed in 1992. This book complements the published series on the rock tombs, and attempts to reconsider the chronology of the officials of UE. 9 and other Upper Egyptian provinces, the dates for many of which differ from those currrently accepted. Whilst concentrating on chronology as well as on civil and religious administration, the book also draws on an analysis of various other aspects such as art, architecture, colour conventions, palaeography, stelae, coffins and pottery.

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