The Tombs of El-Hagarsa Volume 1

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Author  N. Kanawati
Publisher  Australian Centre for Egyptology
Publication Date   December 31, 1993
ISBN  0856686026
Pages  68

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El-Hagarsa lies on the west bank of the Nile near the border of Nomes 8 and 9, though it is disputed as to which of them it belonged. Some of the tombs were recorded and published by Petrie in 1908, but the cemetery was re-examined by the Australian Centre for Egyptology in an attempt to further document the archaeological remains of the ninth province of Upper Egypt, and this book reports on their findings. The investigation revealed some inconsistencies in the earlier record, some important unrecorded decorated tombs, as well as the discovery of two undecorated tombs with undisturbed burial chambers.

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