Ornamented Jewish Oil Lamps


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Author  Varda Sussman
Publisher  Aris & Phillips
Publication Date   January 1, 1983
ISBN  0856681644
Pages  144

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The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD and the subsequent suppression and persecution of the Jews have left little archaeological evidence from this period. This very persecution, however, led the Jews to concentrate on their national identity and religion and to pay scrupulous attention to the Torah in everyday life. Everyday objects which previously had been bought from Greek and Roman manufacturers were now seen to be contrary to the laws of the Torah because of the nature of their decoration and as such were offensive to the Jews. This led to a brief flowering of decorated Jewish objects made for themselves within their laws. This book shows, through the decorations on the pottery lamps, a vivid picture of daily life, culture and religion. The period covered is very brief; about 65 years, which was once regarded as devoid of Jewish art. But at no other period was there such a large number of designs in popular Jewish art which show in the subjects chosen so strict an observance of Jewish law.

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