Roman Mosaics of Britain Volume IV

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Author  Stephen R. Cosh
Publisher  Society of Antiquaries of London
Publication Date   November 11, 2010
ISBN  0854312943
Pages  480

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Volume IV: West Britain brings to a triumphant conclusion this monumental project to catalogue, describe and illustrate every Romano-British mosaic. The area covered by the fourth and final volume in the corpus is one of the richest regions of Britain in economic as well as architectural and artistic terms and this is reflected in the quantity and quality of the region's mosaics, which include the largest figured mosaic ever found in Britain, the Woodchester Orpheus pavement.

The catalogue follows the format of earlier volumes in providing an account of each mosaic's discovery and locating the mosaic within its building plan. Following the description are notable parallels and major references. As with previous volumes, the work is preceded with a substantial introduction.

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