Studies and Further Studies in a Dying Culture...

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Author  Christopher Caudwell
Publisher  Monthly Review Press
Publication Date   January 1, 1971
ISBN  0853452180
Pages  544

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In 1938, a year after his death in Spain at the age of thirty, Christopher Caudwell's Studies in a Dying Culture was published, to be followed eleven years later by a second volume, Further Studies in a Dying Culture. This volume makes available both important works by one of the foremost Marxist critics of the thirties. The first book consists of eight essays: on George Bernard Shaw, T.E. Lawrence, D. H. Lawrence, H. G. Wells, Sigmund Freud, and on pacifism and violence, love, and liberty. The second is divided into five essays: "The Breath of Discontent: A Study in Bourgeois Religion," "Beauty: A Study in Bourgeois Aesthetics," "Men and Nature: A Study in Bourgeois History," "Consciousness: A Study in Bourgeois Psychology," and "Reality: A Study in Bourgeois Philosophy."

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