Documentation for Ancient Arabia, Part II...

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Author  K. A. Kitchen
Publisher  Liverpool University Press
Publication Date   October 1, 2000
ISBN  085323860X
Pages  848

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This new volume provides an indispensable guide to the proliferating bibliography (often hard of access) of several thousand Ancient Arabian inscriptions through one-and-a-half millennia (c. 1000 BC to c. 570 AD), mainly in South Arabia, but including also some monumental texts from NW Arabia and others from E Arabia. The Bibliography offers important information on each principal text (all sigla by which each is named, with ample cross-references; location, date, nature, besides the vital list of publications in which each appears). A comprehensive but compact set of charts provides a basic palaeography, to help in the dating of texts that lack a royal name. Updates are given for the chronology, king-lists, and lists of sources in Volume 1, and (to complement the minimal dates in that work) fresh maximal dates for those wishing to base their dates on the supposed Assyrian synchronism with Karibil Watar I of Saba in 685 BC.

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