Rough and Rocky Place


Rough and Rocky Place: The Landscape and Settlement History of the Methana Peninsula, Greece (Liverpool University Press - Liverpool Music Symposium)

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Publisher  Liverpool University Press
Publication Date   September 1, 1996
ISBN  0853237417
Pages  384

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The uncompromising nature of the landscape of the Methana Peninsula in Greece, and its overall isolation, have been dominating factors in the peninsula's history. This is a report of major fieldwork undertaken following a brief reconnaissance in the summer of 1981. A more detailed exploratory study was made a year later, and it soon became obvious that the settlement history of the peninsula was more complex than it had been thought to be, when a number of unrecorded sites were discovered. It also became clear that most previous reports had discussed known sites solely or primarily in terms of their architectural remains, and that the peninsula's settlement history would not be comprehensible without systematic study. A survey strategy was developed and a full field-survey season on Methana was undertaken with two teams in 1984, followed by further seasons in each of the next three years.

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