Ancient Economy in Mythology


Ancient Economy in Mythology

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Publisher  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date   February 28, 1991
ISBN  0847676293
Pages  296

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Ancient mythology and its striking themes have always fascinated scholars and the general populace alike. Mythological interpretations have proven valuable to historians and theologians for centuries, and more recently, structuralist and Freudian interpretations have dominated the field. Ancient Economy In Mythology is the first to explore the economic component in mythology. Original articles by scholars from diverse fields—ancient languages and history, philosophy, anthropology, and economics—uncover and utilize evidence in myths to throw light on ancient economies and reveal the role played by myths in shaping and justifying economic policies in ancient societies. The book's articles fall into four major economic themes: Primary Production and Distribution in Myth; Dynamics and Statics of Socioeconomic Roles in Myth; Resource Extraction and Royal Myths; and International Trade in Myth. These fresh and sometimes controversial papers will be of interest to ancient historians, economic historians, anthropologists, religious and Biblical scholars, Assyriologists, Classicists, Indo-Europeanists, and the general educated public.

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