Eretz Israel, Israel and the Jewish Diaspora...


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Author  Menahem Mor
Publisher  University Press of America
Publication Date   June 29, 1991
ISBN  081918280X
Pages  256

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The Jewish Diaspora has been a central reality among the Jewish people from ancient times to the present. As a result of national disasters, military defeats, religious persecution and the desire for new places, most Jewish people have lived and continue to live outside Eretz Israel, or the state of Israel. The relationship between the Jewish Diaspora and Eretz Israel, therefore, has continued to be a burning issue. The 14 articles contained in this volume review and analyze the relationship between Eretz Israel and the Jewish Diaspora from the third century BCE up to the present, including current relations between Israel and American Jews, with an emphasis on 19th- and 20th-century issues.

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