The Nature of an Ancient Maya City

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Author  Dr. Thomas H. Guderjan
Publisher  University Alabama Press
Publication Date   November 28, 2007
ISBN  0817354263
Pages  182

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This work is a comprehensive study of a unique Maya site offering the full range of undisturbed architectural features. was a Maya community that became an economic and political center that included some 15,000-20,000 people at its height. Fairly well protected from human destruction, the site offers the full range of city components including monumental ceremonial structures, elite and non-elite residences, ditched agricultural fields, and residential clusters just outside the core. intensively investigated Blue Creek in an integrated study of the dynamic structure and functional inter-relationships among the parts of a single Maya city. Documented in coverage by National Geographic, Archaeology magazine, and a documentary film aired on the Discovery Channel, Blue Creek is recognized as a unique site offering the full range of undisturbed architectural construction to reveal the mosaic that was the ancient city.

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