Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome


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Author  Nick Constable
Publisher  Checkmark Books
Publication Date   December 31, 2003
ISBN  0816053316
Pages  189

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This work traces the historical, cultural, and political development of the small Iron Age tribe on the banks of the River Tiber who developed into the rulers of an empire that dominated the Western world. The history of this people has been traced, allowing readers a concise insight into the Roman world, including its culture, art, and technology. Maps highlighting the development of Rome, its commerce, military conquests, and its collapse complement the historical narrative. Coverage includes Rome and Italy, the early Roman republic, Hannibal and Portras, the late Roman republic, the fall of the Roman republic, Caesar Augustus, civil war and imperial dreams, Pax Romana, collapse and Christianity, the later emperors, the barbarian invasions, and the fall of Rome.

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