Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece


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Author  Angus Konstam
Publisher  Checkmark Books
Publication Date   May 1, 2003
ISBN  0816052204
Pages  192

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From the Bronze Age and Mycenaean culture to the final collapse of ancient Greek civilization, the history of the Greek world with its language, culture, political systems, philosophy, art and architecture has fascinated countless generations. From the acts of citizen soldiers who safeguarded Greek civilization when it was threatened by the Persians to the Greek writers, poets, architects, politicians, and philosophers on whose foundations Western culture has been built, the Greek influence endures. Even their mythology, which relates everything from the origins of the gods to the heroic exploits of Greek warriors, and the ruins of their once thriving, cosmopolitan cities continue to captivate the imaginations of students, scholars, and general readers of all ages. Lavishly illustrated, with specially designed maps that complement the text and highlight the evolution of the civilization, "Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece" traces the entire historical, cultural, and political progress of the Greeks. In clear and eloquent prose, all aspects of Greek culture are covered in this refreshingly informative, single-volume survey of the Greek world. Coverage includes: Mycenae and the Homeric Period; the Grecian Dark Ages; Greek Mythology; the rise of the City States; the Persian War; the Greek Heroic Age; Greek against Greek - the Peloponnesian War; Philip of Macedon; Alexander the Great; the Greek Successor States; the Coming of the Romans; Greece as a Roman Province; Greece Resurgent - the Roman and Byzantine Empires; and, the glory that was Greece: the Archaeological Legacy.

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