Ancient Greece


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Author  Anton Powell
Publisher  Facts on File
Publication Date   October 1, 1989
ISBN  081601972X
Pages  96

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Each title in the "Cultural Atlases for Young People" series aims to provide young readers with detailed information on a period in history. Special feature spreads in colour are devoted to large-scale reconstructions of significant episodes and events, while others focus on centres of civilization which can still be visited today. Equal emphasis is given to political and social history, illustrated with charts and chronologies. This volume takes readers on a journey through Greek history from Minoan times to the arrival of the Romans. Maps interspersed with double-page feature spreads provide an insight into Greek religion, sports, culture, warfare and daily life. Topics discussed include the siege of Troy, the growth of Athens, politics and democracy, the gods of Olympus, the ancient Olympic Games and the campaigns of Alexander.

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