Egyptian Book of the Dead


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Author  Eva von Dassow
Publisher  Chronicle Books
Publication Date   June 1, 1994
ISBN  0811807924
Pages  174

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The ancient purpose of the funerary papyrus known as Book of the Dead of Ani was to guide the Egyptian soul to the afterlife, and the iconic text of the ancient culture is presented here for the first time as a single volume. The original is 78 feet in total length and 3,500 years old; this presentation contains the original facsimile edition from 1890. The hieroglyphic text and vignettes are juxtaposed with the English translation of each chapter on the same page that the Egyptian text occurs. The power, wisdom, and spiritual vision offered in its pages goes back to the spiritual and cultural roots of humanity. This beautiful artifact will be a prized possession for those interested in the world of ancient Egypt—and in the beginnings of civilization itself.

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