Medieval Celebrations


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Author  Daniel Diehl
Publisher  David Brown Book Company
Publication Date   December 31, 2001
ISBN  0811728668
Pages  192

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`Even if you have never hosted a party before and your knowledge of the Middle Ages is limited to a few Robin Hood movies, you can host a medieval banquet, with the aid of this book, that no one is likely to forget. And there are enough historical tidbits thrown into this book that by the day of your banquet you will sound like an authority on medieval history' - from the introduction. This fun sequel to Constructing Medieval Furniture provides a solidly historical guide to reconstructing a feast and includes a calendar of medieval holidays, medieval manners for hosts and guests, menus and recipes, patterns for creating authentic medieval costume, rules for medieval games and music and dances. If you really want to go the whole hog, there are even chapters on staging a medieval wedding or a complete medieval Christmas... and some fun pictures of American re-enactors doing just that!

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