The Dictionary of Ancient Egypt


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Author  Ian Shaw
Publisher  Harry N. Abrams
Publication Date   November 1, 1995
ISBN  0810932253
Pages  328

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Why did the Egyptians go to such effort to preserve their dead? How did they brew beer and furnish their houses? What would the great temple complex at Karnak have looked like? Why did Tutankhamun change his name?

Packed with facts and superb illustrations, this extensively cross-referenced A-to-Z guide to the world's most intriguing civilization is now available in a compact, affordable paperback edition. Drawing on the vast resources of London's British Museum, the book is a mine of information on all aspects of the ancient Egyptian world. Clear explanations and descriptions of 600 major ideas, events, and personalities that shaped 4,000 years of life in the Nile valley are provided, and each entry is followed by a brief bibliography.

Illustrated throughout with photographs, line drawings, site plans, and maps, and including the most up-to-date information, The Dictionary of Ancient Egypt is an invaluable resource.

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