The A to Z of the Mongol World Empire

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Author  Paul D. Buell
Publisher  Scarecrow Press
Publication Date   February 12, 2010
ISBN  0810875780
Pages  384

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The A to Z of the Mongol World Empire examines the history of the Mongol Empire, the pre-imperial era of Mongolian history that preceded it, and the various Mongol successor states that continued to dominate Eurasia long after the breakdown of Mongol unity.

Divided into three parts, the first section is comprised of six introductory essays devoted to the:

o Mongolia from the birth of Tem├╝jin to the establishment of a Mongol Empire in 1206
o The Mongol Empire, 1206-1260
o The successor qanate of China
o Mongol Iran
o Ca'adai qanate of Turkistan
o Golden Horde

The second section contains 865 entries with more than 600 topics including:

o Persons
o Institutions
o Terminology
o Battles
o Aspects of material culture
o Geographical features of importance

The third section is comprised of a detailed bibliographical essay and three appendixes.

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