A Bibliography of the Samaritans

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Publisher  Scarecrow Press
Publication Date   August 4, 2005
ISBN  081085659X
Pages  622

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The Samaritans—an important group among the sects who were the Jews of the New Testament period—have been a subject of scholarship since their rediscovery by European Orientalists in the 16th century. That interest has been augmented recently by prolific scholarly literature.

12 years have passed since the second edition of the Bibliography of the Samaritans was published, and since then many more sources have become accessible in a multitude of ways. For the first time the editors include a section on electronic resources, including CD ROMs and Websites. The editors have also revisited the earlier editions and painstakingly re-examined and corrected entries where necessary. Additionally, many of the new entries (of which there are close to a 1,000) are annotated. The bibliography is organized by author and title, and the subject index greatly aids the research process, making this an essential volume for any religious scholar.

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