Jerusalem, the Holy City

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Author  James D. Purvis
Publisher  Scarecrow Press
Publication Date   February 1, 1988
ISBN  0810819996
Pages  574

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This work provides a comprehensive bibliography on modern research (19th century to the present) on the city of Jerusalem, with primary emphasis on Jerusalem as a holy city. Over 5,800 entries are arranged in 40 units under eight major headings: general studies on Jerusalem, Jerusalem during the Biblical period to 587 BC, Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, Roman Jerusalem, Jerusalem in Judaism, Christian Jerusalem, Jerusalem as a Muslim city, and Jerusalem in modern times. The individual chapter units within these major headings are concerned not only with the physical aspects of the city (geography/topography, archaeological excavations, walls, gates, tombs, churches, and other monuments) and its social/political history, but also_and especially_with its sacred traditions, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. The organization of the material reflects the editor's experience in the teaching of this subject in a university setting. It has been compiled for the use of students from generally accessible titles. With author and subject indexes.

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