Old Testament Parallels


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Author  Victor H. Matthews
Publisher  Paulist Pr
Publication Date   June 1, 1997
ISBN  0809137313
Pages  384

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The Old Testament is not an orphan! On the contrary, it belongs to a wonderful family of Eastern Mediterranean traditions from Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Syria-Palestine and Egypt. Some of these stories were already being told in 3000 B.C. They provide an exciting look at the background and culture of Old Testament times. The authors have gathered those texts that throw light on similar biblical material and have written a clear introduction and explanation of each one. Old Testament Parallels is a classroom edition of the newest and freshest translations of famous stories. This illustrated text is short and easy to use, and clearly explains the relationship between individual stories and their Bible parallels. Old Testament Parallels is an important resource for the study of the Old Testament in all situations.

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