Politics of a Persian Dynasty


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Author  Stephen Ruzicka
Publisher  University of Oklahoma Press
Publication Date   November 1, 1992
ISBN  0806124601
Pages  232

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Scholars commonly view the fourth century B.C. Aegean and eastern Mediterranean world before the time of Alexander the Great in terms of Greek concerns and activities. In Politics of a Persian Dynasty, however, Stephen Ruzicka adopts a non-Greek perspective and reconstructs the history of the Hecatomnid dynasty of Caria in the context of Aegean and eastern Mediterranean politics. Located in the southwestern corner of Anatolia (modern Turkey), Caria was one of the semiautonomous satrapies of the Persian Empire in the fourth century. It was governed from the 390s to the 330s by the Hecatomnids, a native dynastic family whose best-known member was Maussollus. This comprehensive account provides the first substantial treatment of the dynasty as a whole.

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