Cha-no-yu (Book published November 14, 1968)


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Author  A. L. Sadler
Publisher  Tuttle (Charles E.) Co Inc.,U.S.
Publication Date   November 14, 1968
ISBN  0804800855
Pages  295

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For the last four hundred years there has existed in Japan a very definite point of view or way of life associated with the ceremonial drinking of tea. It is called Cha-no-ye, literally Hot Water for Tea, or Chado, the Way of Tea, and those who follow it are know as Chajin or Tea-men. It might be described as a household sacrament of esthetics, economics and etiquette. It has been and still practised by a very large number of the most cultivated people in the land, by statesman, soldiers, artists and men of business, as well as by artizans and ordinary people. And so its influence has penetrated deeply into the details of the everyday life of the community and has taken a large part in forming its tastes and habits. It is little known outside the country because nothing much has been written about it by Europeans. This book gives a detailed description of all aspects of the tea ceremony and Cha-No-Yu as well as Tea Masters and the different schools of tea.

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