David Remembered

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Author  Joseph Blenkinsopp
Publisher  Eerdmans
Publication Date   August 18, 2013
ISBN  0802869580
Pages  231

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Examines the David theme in the collective mind of ancient Israel and the early church

In this follow-up study to Judaism, The First Phase, Joseph Blenkinsopp traces the development of traditions about David in the collective memory of the people of Israel and the first Christians, from the extinction of the Davidic dynasty in the sixth century B.C.E. to the early common era.

David Remembered is neither a biography of David nor an exegetical study of the biblical narrative about David. Rather, it focuses on the memory of David as a powerful factor in the formation of social identity, in political activity (especially in reaction to imperial rule), and in projections of the future viewed as the restoration of a never-forgotten past.

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